With over 12 years of video editing experience, I can turn your guest-shot videos into memories which will last a life-time. 

Let's rethink wedding videography. What if instead of having one videographer, you could have as many as you have guests. With the technology packed into modern smart-phones, people are shooting broadcast quality footage with a device they carry with them everyday. I want to harness this power and use 'hive-videography to capture a deeper and more authentic memory of your day. Guests take photos and videos, upload them and I take care of the rest, turning their content into a social-media, home-cinema ready video. 


Make memories, keep them forever, experience them time and time again. 







Your Memories. Your Video. Your Way.

I don't use templates. No algorithms or AI created sequences here. Each video is as unique and personal as your memories. We can have a discussion about the look, feel and format you would like your video to take. Music, titles, slow fades or quick cuts. A collaborative approach means your memories are just that - yours. 

Angles. Perspective. People.

Anyone can make a video on their phone or laptop, but two things often get in the way of making really great videos - Time, tools and tech. To preserve your memories, I only use the very best, industry standard tools. For video it's Final Cut Pro X, for audio Logic Pro X and for colour grading DaVinci Resolve. Your videos deserve to be the very best, so I won’t settle for anything less.

Too Bright. Too Dark. Just Right. 

The best camera is the one you have with you. But sometimes that simply isn't true. You want beautiful and professional content to share with your friends and family. But before you hit the delete button on those shaky, grainy, under-exposed  videos, there is hope. Using Pro tools I can upgrade your clips so they look beautiful. Bright, colourful memories for all!







Hiss. Crackle. Pop.

Pictures speak a thousand words, but let's face it - audio is pretty important too. The voice and words of a loved one can take you right back in time. Using the very best audio tools, your video can take you back to your weekend away in The Lakes or to Granny's 70th Birthday. Achieving crystal clear picture and audio was never so easy.

Safe. Secure. Storage.

Your memories are private and that is how they will stay. Your media will be kept on an encrypted drive and stored only for the duration of the edit. Once you are happy with your video and you have taken delivery your footage is deleted. It's then up to you if and where you share your memories. 

Details. Stories. Sorted.

Not only do I work as a video editor, but as a director and writer too. This is a unique combination of skills which means emotional storytelling will be at the heart of each video I create. Structure, pace and feel turn videos into memories. 

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