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AnimAlphabet - Best Children's Show, Edinburgh.

One Fine Day - Stage Must See/Best Solo Performance Nomination.  

By bringing together the very best talent and collaborating closely with fellow creatives and partners, I create artistically vibrant work, which is delivered on-time, within budget and beyond expectation.


I utilise my strong project management and organisation skills to manage a project from inception through to delivery, I also possess the entrepreneurial skills required  to seek out new and unthought-of opportunities to ensure each piece of work can get off the ground in the first instance, and then delivers above and beyond its initial aims. 

I have experience producing everything from simple studio-based shows, to complex,

multi-faceted musical-theatre performances for delivery to thousand-seat auditoriums, music-festivals and international, multi-venue tours. 

I am passionate about creating theatre which promotes equality of access and affords regular and new audiences the opportunity to experience something new, to be entertained and to be challenged. I believe vehemently theatre is and should be for everyone. 


In all my work I also like to implement learning and New Technologies (NT). In the past, this has included delivering curriculum-based music workshops alongside touring productions as well as developing and implementing world-first, digital live sign technology into an internationally touring musical-theatre project. 


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