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Wedding Videography

A wedding is one of the most important chapters in a persons life and it is one of the most special and unique moments we share with our closest friends and family. 


Photographs can show us a single moment frozen in time, whereas a film has the power to capture the special atmosphere of the day... exchanges of looks between loved ones, a tear of joy rolling down the face of a proud friend, the words spoken by guests. 


Every wedding is different, so we like to meet you in person to talk through your plans and find out which parts of the day you would like us to capture - from the Bridal Party's final preparations right the way through to your guests leaving, we can film as much or as little as you like. 


We capture video almost invisibly so you'll hardly notice we are there. 


If you need a reliable, trustworthy and sensitive videography team to capture your precious day please get in touch. 


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